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POWERFLOW officially launched the flameproof IP6000 series positioner

In 2019, POWERFLOW intrinsically safe IP6000 series positioner has been universally recognized and welcomed by the market as soon as it was unveiled. As an innovative product, it replaces our original IP4000, IP5000 and other models. With higher reliability and excellent performance, it provides more choices for users who need precise flow control.

Facing the ever-changing market demand, based on our original advantages, POWERFLOW has upgraded and expanded our "IP" series products - the new IP6000 series flameproof positioner is launched. Up to now, POWERFLOW covers all types of intelligent valve positioners with 1500, 1600, 1880, IP6000 (intrinsically safe and flameproof) models, which are suitable for all pneumatic control valves on the market.

IP6000 flameproof positioner can support the highest explosion-proof grade (Exd IIC T6), working temperature covers -40-60℃, vibration resistance covers 10-500Hz, is with high reliability and suitable for various actuators of different specifications; support HART Communication function, parameter adjustment and setting can be operated on-site or remotely; installation and calibration is simple and easy, and the action performance is stable; it is especially suitable for precise control in the production process of high-demand industries such as oil refining, petrochemical, and nuclear power.

The lauch of the IP6000 flameproof type can fully meet the needs of those who have high performance requirements, cost-effectiveness and convenient installation. Adhering to technological innovation as the core driving force, POWERFLOW has become a reliable partner for customers in production, R&D, and equipment manufacturing by virtue of strong innovation and high-standard manufacturing capabilities, as well as rigorous quality managemen!